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A busy week in primary 4! 

We recapped our knowledge of multiplication and division by spotting who the imposter was within the answers 👀➗✖️

We began our new topic ‘Our rights’, discovering there are 54 rights under the UNCRC. We then discussed the difference between needs and wants. We had a lot of chat around the needs/ rights regarding technology, such as TV and mobiles. 
“A TV can be a need, like with covid, the news was on the telly every day” 
“Mobiles are a need in some situations like when I went on holiday with gran and I phoned mum" 
“A phone would be a want if you just watched YouTube on it all day” 

We recapped our knowledge of parts of the body and are looking forward to researching and continuing to learn specific names and functions for different parts/ bones of the skeleton. 🩻

The sun was shining on our PE days and we had lots of fun learning and playing new team games! 🏃‍♀️🏀☀️