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We have had a busy week rehearsing for our assembly and completing lots of learning. Here are a few quotes about our week...

'On Wednesday we worked with P1s to do our poppy work.' Lily

'Inference is when we look at texts and try to work out what the author is really telling us, not just using what the words say exactly.' Alistair

'We wear poppies to remember people who fought in the world wars.' Noah

'When I researched I found out that Pharaohs got fanned on their thrones!' Curtis

'Pharaohs wore wigs. I found that out by researching in a non-fiction book.' Zac

'We have been practising our assembly this week. We have had to use expression in our voices and actions because we don't want anyone to switch off when they are watching our assembly." Julie-Anne

'We drew poppies because it was remembrance day on the 11th of November (11th month) we also had a 1 min silence to remember the soldiers that fought for us. 'Amy-lee

'We did some research about some pharaohs in book. I found out that in ancient Egyptian times you might have had to marry your sister or brother!' Georgie