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On Friday we held an online virtual assembly to recognise and celebrate the achievements of lots of different students. Congratulations to the following children, who received a special certificate, we are very proud of you. 
  • Choir children for being successul learners and for being great ambassadors and singing within our local community.
  • Bikeability pupils in Primary 7 received their badges and certificates for completing the course. 

  • Alfie climbed Tinto recently, well done.
  • Alesha has been helping her Mum hoover, super life skills.
  • Carson has been helping Mum do the dishes, a great help.
  • Superb effort in training or competitions in gymnastics, congratulations to Ruby, Lily Re, Megan, Sarah, Murray & Alex.
  • Jackson on climbing Tinto with his Mum and Pops, brilliant.
  • Cobyn and Elliot both won a medal at football training, congratulations. 
  • Isla and Ella have learned to ride her bike, well done. 
  • Brody Forrest, seryna and Emily have achieve the next grade in Taekwon-Do.
  • Meta has received a 'Good job!' recongnition in gymnastics
  • Sophia won a 1st place medal at gymnastics recently. 
  • Emily & Lewis both swan 15 m at swimming lessons.
  • Iona earned a red rossette in horse riding.
  • Andrew is doing great learning to play the keyboard.
  • Callie has learned to go her skateboard and is now feeling much more confident. 
  • Alicia is learning to speak French!
  • Jackson has learned to ride his hoverboard.
  • Julie won a horse show by doing a magic figure of 8 on Django.
  • Lewis for achieving his 15m badge and certificate for swimming.
  • Carson for his trophy in football and beating both his teachers at beat the Button times table challenge!
  • Macauley and his football team for achieving 2nd in the league. 
  • Mollie has been successful in getting into the 9 a-side football team.
  • Zara and her football team have successfully moved to a bigger league. 
  • Jodie and the team were first at athletics.
  • Chloe won a silver award from her drama club. 
We look forward to awarding JRSO compeition award winners and recongnising the Sportshall pupils at the next assembly on Friday 28 January.