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P4 were involved in the Acorn Awards challenge this year, which is run by Leavenseat Trust.  We were gifted £500 to run a project that would help us learn and tackle climate change in the community.  We are exceptionally grateful for the money and we have definitely managed to make the money go a long way! 

As part of the challenge we had to present our project to a panel of visitors.  The whole class did a great job and really worked well together.  We told our visitors all about our Acorn Awards project.  It was very exciting but we were a little bit nervous too.  We took our visitors on a journey and told them all about our lessons on climate change, carbon footprints, our poly tunnel success and what we did with it.  After that we showed them all of the things that the pupils in the school had made with the poly tunnel produce and we also gave them some of our yummy chutney that we made.  Then we told them that we want to try and stop food waste and eating foods with big carbon footprints.
A good way for us to do this is to grow and eat our own food so that is what we want everyone to do.  It will be exciting next year when we give out all the seeds and soil so everyone can get involved!

Mrs Andrews was exceptionally proud off all of the pupils in P4.  Not just their fantastic presentation skills and confidence that they showed on the day, but for all of the hard work, enthusiasm and effort that they put into the lessons and prep before our visit. Prep involved sampling our class made chutney..it was important we tried it to see if it was nice before we gave some to our guests. It didn't look very appetising but it was actually delicious 😁.

Here are some comments from the class about how they felt on the day of the presentation.

I was nervous at first but I worked on and I was brave but when I got in the butterfly room I got excited. Brody 

I was really scared but I gave it a go and after I felt ok.  I am happy that I did it. Jacob

I was a bit scared at first and after our group talked, about different things you can plant in, I felt happy.  Lewis

At first I was a bit nervous and I got a bit confused with my words but at the end I was really happy that I actually got to perform.  Anna

At first I thought that I was doing quite good.  I was nervous about the song and I am glad that I made it to the end.  Meta

I was glad that my friends were there because I didn’t feel all alone.  I felt that I may mess up all my words but my friends made me feel calm and confident.  Charlie

I felt very happy because I had friends with me doing my talk.  When my friends went first I felt more confident and less nervous.  When it was my turn to talk I had lots of fun!  Aiden

I felt really happy and excited because at first we had lots of fun practicing. I was really excited for the song because I really liked singing at my house…..I couldn’t stop singing it!  Ellie-Mae

I was really nervous at first but I felt better because my friends were there.  Beau

I was really nervous in the poly tunnel but I had my friends with me and we told the visitors about what we grew in them.  Leah

I had lots of fun doing it all with my full class and all of my friends were there for me.  I LOVED singing the song.  Iona

I loved singing the song with my friends.  We were telling our visitors to re-use plastic to plant stuff in.  Seryna