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10 Pupils from Primary 4 represented the whole class at the Acorn Awards Ceremony last Thursday.  The Acorn Awards are associated with the Levenseat Trust.  At the start of the school year the school was kindly gifted £500 pounds from Levenseat Trust to allow us to create a project that would enhance our knowledge of how climate change is affecting our community. 

Our Primary 4 project is underway, and we will be gifting some seeds and compost next year to encourage everyone to have a go at growing some fruit or vegetables at home.  The more produce grown at home will reduce the need for purchasing food items that are processed, packaged and transported – all of which add to our carbon footprints.

At the awards ceremony the pupils had the opportunity to learn all about the projects completed by other local schools.  They were also treated to a magician show, some snacks and a story teller as a reward for all of their hard work.

Representatives from Fairtrade, Levenseat and others all had interactive stalls with learning opportunities which everyone enjoyed. 

Even through there was not prize for us this year we would like to thank Levenseat Trust for their £500 investment in our project and for a lovely afternoon where everyone’s wonderful successes were celebrated.

It was very good to see what all of the other schools had done.’ Brody F

‘The people from the Forestry Commission were there and let us make wee wooden trees and necklaces.  I was excited.’  George

‘I loved the magnet game where we had to sort the litter for recycling.  It was set up by the Levenseat people.  I learnt that you do not put batteries in the bin.  You need to take them to a special recycling place.’ Iona

‘I like when we were making the trees.’  Lewis

‘It was very fun because we were all treated to a magician show.’ Brody