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For a short week it has been a busy week! We have managed to cover Fairtrade, road safety and World Book Day as well as some reading, decimals and even some rugby.

We had a great time designing and putting together our Fairtrade display. All credit to Georgie for her ideas which we all then followed. It looks fantastic!

We also enjoyed using our imaginations to create our own book covers for World Book Day. Not only did we create the front cover but we also came up with the blurb for the back cover.

Our JRSO reps in the class have also been busy running a poster competion for road safety and had the tough task this afternoon of judging them.

We have been working hard on adding and subtracting decimals. Today we played a game using dice which gave us the numbers for our calculations. It was good fun!

Some of our highlights of the week...
'I enjoyed the book covers as it let me make up my own stories and it was fun' Brooke

'I liked the rugby today because when we were running everybody kept going and didn't give up'
Julie Anne

'I enjoyed playing rugby because I scored a goal'

'I enjoyed the decimal game because it was interesting how you could do it with just 4 dice and a sheet of paper'