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Congratulations to our certificate winners this week.  The whole class are proud of you Ethan, Curtis, Amy-lee and Jackson!

Chinese New Year
‘We have been learning about the Chinese New Year.  They do dragon dances to chase out the old.  The dragons are thought to be lucky too.’ Noah

‘Children wake up to red envelopes from family on Chinese New Year.  The envelopes have money inside them.’ Lily

‘The Chinese people celebrate every dogs birthday on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.’ Amy-lee

‘We made Chinese dragon puppets out of lots of different materials.  We used our problem solving skills to make sure it all stayed together.’ Georgie

Direct speech in Literacy
‘We were learning about speech marks and we were writing on the tables.  We can remember the way round they go, it’s like 66 and then 99.’ Jackson

‘I learnt that when someone is talking in a story you need to use speech marks to show what words are being said.’ Freya

‘We were learning how to hold the racket properly (like a handshake) and we were doing drop serves.’ Ethan

‘We were passing the shuttle cock back and forth to our friends.  We are definitely getting better at it.’ Zac

‘In badminton we are getting a wee bit better at serving.  I need to remember to not hit the shuttle cock to high.’ Kirk

‘We were learning to pass to each other.  We are getting better at it.’ Teigan

Collaboration with P1
‘We were using our creativity skills when we helped the P1s to make different parts of a big map.  It is going to be a map of where Katie Morag lives.’  Poppy

‘We had to sit on the carpet with our P1 partner and discuss what colours would be needed for our part of the map.  We also had to talk about how we were putting the colour on, it could be crayon, paint, collage, pencils or pens.’ Brooke

‘Mr Johnston came in for music.  He was teaching us about the pulse and the beat in music.  Then he tried to play Happy Place for us.’  Julie

‘I liked when Mr Johnston came in and played a lot of songs on his guitar.  We were learning about the pulse in music and how it can be fast or slow.  He also played happy birthday for me.’  Aiden