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We have been celebrating achievements and doing some art this week in P5.

Primary 5 are very proud of one of their classmates who won 2nd place in a dog show. He said it was ‘…nerve-wracking but I enjoyed it.  Calli did a great job!’   We are also proud of another member of our class who ended up on the front cover of the National Accordion and Fiddle Club magazine after he won 1st, 2nd and 3rd all in one day at a competition. ‘I went up against 15 year olds for one tune and I got 3rd, I felt the best in the world!’

Well done also to our certificate winners this week – Georgie, Mirren, Alistair, Aiden and Lily.

For art this week we have been enjoying using pencils and mixing colours and trying different pencil strokes to show the textures that we can see when observing trees and when drawing our faces and hair.

‘The trees have a bit of light green, dark green and a bit of yellow in them if you look closely.’ Curtis

‘I can see the trunks in the trees near the top too if I look carefully, not just at the bottom.’ Freya

‘I needed to use lots of different colours to make it look more like my hair.’ Ethan

‘The lines I have used in my hair look like the strands of my hair.
’ Amy-Lee