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P7 and P3 teamed up this week and completed a Scavenger Hunt of lots of different types of books.

Miss Dunlop and Miss Gallagher set the challenge of finding 20 different books using the clues. For example, "find a book with an adjective in the title" or "find a book Written by L.Pichon".

Afterwards, the children chose one of the books and read together with their partner(s). Great fun was had by all. We love our collegiate activities.

Thomas: I liked Faith reading to me.

Catherine: I liked getting to know the two girls and solving the mysteries together.

Charlie: I liked paired reading.

Ella: I like it when we split the classes.

Ellie: Working as a duo or a trio and solving the mystery.

Brooke: I liked having to solve the clues with my partner.