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The pupils in Primary 2 and Primary 7 have had a very busy week making carrot cake from scratch!

From digging up our very out carrots in the poly tunnel, to washing, peeling and grating them all before adding them to a carrot cake mixture and baking in the oven. They worked so hard together to make sure everything turned out perfectly.

I’m sure you can agree from the photos that they thoroughly enjoyed them.

Primary 7 showed exceptional leadership skills throughout the whole experience, ensuring Primary 2 had a great time.

This is what Primary 2 had to say about it…
“I liked grating the carrots with Adam helping me really well.” Alfie

“I liked sharing the carrot cupcakes with my friends.” Leon

“I liked eating the carrot cake. It was delicious!” Penny

“We got to pick the carrots from the poly tunnel.” Mia

“We had to wash the carrots to get rid of the dirt and germs.” Alesha

“We mixed all of the ingredients together then baked them in the oven.” Brody

"We made special thank you cards for the P7s who helped us so well." Lachlan

I wonder what we will make next?