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We have been learning all about everything Scottish this week!

Today we were doing some taste testing of some Scottish foods and drinks.  My favourite was the Irn Bru.  Teigan

When I was performing my Scottish poem I was a bit nervous because I was in front of my whole class but then I remembered my mum telling me not to be nervous.  Aiden

I have enjoyed a dance club that me and my friends were doing.  We started doing Scottish dancing then did normal dancing.  It has been REALLY fun! Poppy

Robert Burns was born on 25th January, so we do Burn’s Day on his birthday to remember him.

I have enjoyed doing work on money this week.  Lily

The most popular Scottish taste was the shortbread. 

I liked the Scottish art and I used only orange and blue because I had Irn Bru pictures.  Mirren

The haggis, neeps and tatties crisps, the caramel wafer and the oat cake all had one vote so they were equal.

We did Literacy rotations and we did a book report about the Eejits.  I thought the book was really funny.  I liked when the monkeys put the whole living-room upside down on the roof.  Alistair

Today we were writing funny Scottish sentences.  I wrote… ‘Mr Eejits baird was afa crarty!  That means his beard was dirty. Jackson