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Choir auditions will begin on the afternoon of Wednesday 27th October. As so many children want to take part I will be unable to complete all of the auditions tomorrow afternoon. I do hope to have all the auditions complete in two weeks time though so we can begin practising for Christmas!

Please note, it will be impossible for all children to be a part of the choir this year - it really would be too big a choir! However, I do not want anyone to be disappointed! There's always opportunities to sing in school and I do not want anyone's love of singing to stop! Singing can take time to practise and perfect our skills and I am delighted at the number of children who are keen to be a part of the choir this year!

The children do not need to prepare anything for this - I will have a little something ready for them to sing back to me which will help me understand their range and vocal ability.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Mrs Padkin.