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This week P5 have been taking part in daily lessons online from Keep Scotland Beautiful.  They have all been about Climate Change and how it affects animals, nature, water, oceans, food, weather etc. There were over 300 schools from across Scotland on every day!

"On Tuesday we saw Jess and Jasper who were from Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park.  We got to see koalas, polar bears, penguins and wild cats.  We learnt how climate change was affecting the animals in the wild." Jackson

"I learnt that 1/3 of greenhouse gasses comes from our food (waste, production, packaging, transport and retail." Curtis

"We did some experiments this week and if you put bicarbonate or soda into vinegar it makes gasses.  It inflated the balloon without us touching it.  It fizzed up and the gas made the balloon go up." Kirk

"We are wanting to share everything we have learned and want to tell the whole school at our assembly." Georgie

"I found out that water can be used to generate electricity.  I also learned about a theory that said water was created on earth 4.6 billion years ago." Aiden

"I found out that 97% of Scotland's energy was created using renewable sources." Zac