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From October to December

Health and Wellbeing
  • Our gym days will be Tuesdays, which will be Netball with Mrs Hall and Thursdays, gymnastics with Mrs Andrews.
  • Exploring friendships and solving conflict, through circle time and our class novel.        

  • Exploring a wide range of different media to aid us in our research for our class topics.  We will be using video clips, maps, books, internet, magazines and leaflets to take notes from that will help us find and share new facts and information.
  • Writing – we will be writing instructions and persuasive pieces this term.

Maths and Numeracy
  • We will be focusing on addition and subtraction.
  • Money
  • Time
  • Transferring our addition and subtraction skills into our money and time work.

Please make sure that you have suitable coats and footwear for the weather.  It is a good idea to have plenty of layers, as the weather is changing and we need to continue to ensure that we ventilate our classroom properly.

It would also be useful to bring a pair of indoor shoes (if you haven’t already) to ensure that you don’t have to sit with soggy shoes or wet boots in class.