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We are all set and ready to go!

Keeping our fingers crossed that the snow doesn't spoil our plans.

Every class (Nursery to P7) will be involved throughout the day.  If you see any high vis groups please feel free to join us on our mission to tidy up Forth 😁. 

🧤If your child has some gardening gloves or winter gloves could they please bring a pair to school tomorrow.🧤They will only be using the litter pickers to lift the rubbish but gloves are also requested for health and safety reasons. We will have some extras in school. 
Please also make sure they are dressed for the weather with a warm coat.

P2 & P4 - 1st thing 
P3 & P1 - between break and lunch
P5, P6 & P7 - afternoon
Nursery - throughout the day in school grounds.