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We have been doing a lot of work based around COP 26 this week.

We started off with our discussion of what it was and how we as individuals could help. Proud of the effort the whole class have put into doing things at home to help with the issue including shorter showers, recycling and using reusable water bottles.

We then discussed various facts and questions regarding COP 26 and our opinions on them. This lead to a lot of great discussion and different viewpoints.

Wind energy was our final focus of the week. We researched how it works and discussed how Forth was the perfect location for these wind farms. We were then challenged to create our own wind turbines using only a few resources. Each group came up with very different designs and some more successful than others!

‘I enjoyed making the wind turbines and trying different ways to see what worked and what didn’t’

‘I enjoyed learning about the different animals affected by pollution and how everyone can play their part in helping’

‘I liked doing our posters and discussing what we would do for them and working with Chloe to do it’

‘I learned there is too much pollution and that we need to recycle more’

‘I learned that we should save electricity and energy in our houses. My favourite part was working on the wind turbine activity’