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This week P5 and P1 worked brilliantly together.  They were all developing their communication skills, listening to and sharing creative ideas when exploring the autumn leaves.  P1 impressed P5 with their reading skills and P5 were taking on a role of responsibility when helping their P1 friends to complete their read to write task.  P1 demonstrated their wonderful sounding out and blending skills, as well as their writing, drawing and observation skills.  P5 showed brilliant listening, patience and explanation skills.

"We went outside and collected some leaves to make autumn pictures with them." Brooke

"We were having to encourage the little ones to use their words to explain what they were doing and if they needed any help."

‘We were working with P1 to make some cool autumn art!” Julie Anne

“We helped the P1 s with reading.” Aiden

“It was a bit tricky sometimes but then it got easier.”

“We got to work the P1 two times in a day!” Ethan

“We had three different groups.  One of them was leaf rubbing.” Amy-Lee

“You could see the veins in the leaves when you did the rubbing with crayons.