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Primary 7 have had a jam packed Friday. We redrafted our 'Evacuee Letters' and used tea and coffee to create an aged look to the paper. Next week, we will use some additional techniques to rough them up a little more to replicate the real life letters we have seen.

As our maths topic has been shape, we have spent this week learning about diagonals, tessellation, nets and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We learned about the formula that can tell you how to work out the diagonals of any 2D shape, given you know the number of sides the shape has. Today we focused on 3D shape and the properties of them. Through investigation, we discovered that for 3D shapes with flat edges: E = V + F - 2. Where E = edges, V = vertices and F = faces.

This afternoon, we researched the types of vehicles and methods of transport that were used during WW2. Following this, we had a go at making our own biplane aircraft models. We will paint and decorate these next week. 

What a fantastic week P7! Have a lovely weeked.
Miss Clowes