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‘We did colourful firework onomatopoeia pictures and we did beautiful glitter on the pictures to represent fireworks.’ Amy-Lee.

‘We have been using onomatopoeia on our posters. We have used words like Bang, pop and whizz!’ Julie-Anne

‘First we had to use our drawing skills, then we used collage to add fire detail then we wrote on some   onomatopoeia and used chalk to draw on our fireworks in the sky.  Finally we put glitter on them.’ Riley

We also discussed some top tips for firework safety.

‘Once fireworks are lit…walk way!’ Curtis

‘Stand back from them when you watch.’ Amy-Lee

‘Stay where you are told to stand.’ Aiden

‘Let adults light them.’ Jackson

‘Keep them in a metal tin, then they can’t catch fire.’ Aiden

‘Animals don’t like fireworks, you should leave them at home.’ Noah

‘Have a radio or the telly on up loud for your dogs so they don’t hear the fireworks and get scared.’ Kirk