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*** P5 - please bring a reusable container to take home your flapjacks **** 

We hope to taste these in class tomorrow. Please let us know if you would not like your child to participate. 

"We made a low carbon footprint snack." Noah

"It reduces our need for plastic...we can put a flapjack in a tub to take it to school." Amy-lee

"It was fun making them." Curtis

"I enjoyed it, my favourite bit was putting them into the trays." Ethan

During our Climate Change lessons last week we found out that some of our school snacks can carry quite a large carbon footprint, from produce being grown, harvested, treated, packaged, transported... Then added as in ingredients to snack items which are then produced, packaged and then transported to shops... Which use electricity to light, heat and run them. Then the transport from shop to home via plastic bags etc!

As a result we decided to make some snacks that can be made at home in a batch, and can be brought into school in a reusable container.