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We have been celebrating World Book Day by creating our own class book. It will be in a library near you soon so keep your eyes peeled for our big launch. 

We have been working together to make the front cover and blurb. We still have to do our contents page. 

Some of us are making our own adverts to persuade people to read our book. We have worked together to decide who is filming and who is speaking. 

'I'm making posters with some other people in my class to persuade people to read our book. We will maybe put some outside. They will need to be laminated if we do to stop them getting soggy.' Poppy

'Zac and I worked on the words for the blurb. And Georgie made it look cool with some friends.' Aiden

We have also been persuading people to buy fairtrade products too by making posters. 

We were learning that fairtrade farmers want to try and be climate friendly too. 

P1 assembly was brilliant. We loved it.