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Today's Scottish focus was on a very famous inventor called Alexander Graham Bell. 
We watched a video first that told us about his life and why he was interested in sound, and how the telephone invention came about. 

We talked about how he managed to get sounds to travel and then had a go at seeing if we could get it to work for ourselves.

Lewis: We had a go at making telephone because we are learning about Alexander Graham Bell, the famous Scot who invented the telephone.

Ella: We learned how to make a paper cup telephone, just like the very first one. Not like phones we have today.

Anna: Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone and he also invented metal detectors and a machine that helps the deaf because it can tell when people have problems with their hearing.

Emma S: The string needed to be held tight because if it was too loose we couldn't hear each other clearly. 

Thomas: We are learning about Scotland and the man who made the telephone is Scottish.

Sophia: When Alexander Graham Bell died, everyone in American turned off their phones to remember him.