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It has been a great week in P5, we have all worked very hard.

“We done badminton in PE instead of gymnastics this week,” Zac

"We have been concentrating on our drawing in art.  We have been drawing people and faces and have tried to use lots of detail and also looking at examples before we start to make sure that the bits join up where they should."

“This week we did money for maths and I liked it.”    Poppy

We have been using atlases to find out more about Scotland, like where the main towns and cities are.

The index is good in an atlas because has pages and grid references to help you to find the bit your looking for.

“This week we made ‘If I was 8 inches tall’ stories. Some of them were silly!” Kirk

'We are reading The Eejits by Roald Dahl and learning lots of Scottish words.  Some are really funny. '