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Primary 7 were set the challenge of creating a new product that would help to reduce the amount of electricity we used in school. After lots of discussion and brainstorming this is what they came up with.

‘Solsun is a solar powered light. When the sun is out the solar panel detects it and so turns off the light. When it is dark and the sun has disappeared it turns on the light. When the light is off it automatically starts conserving energy. There is a switch that turns it off and on so it doesn’t turn on during the night’
Jodie, Jane, Lauren, Joshua and Caitlin G

‘Beebuzz has a camera and hearing device so it turns off/on the lights when you leave the room or enter it. Beebuzz also hears if someone is still there in the room so if you are working it won’t turn the lights out.
Beebuzz saves electricity by turning out the lights if you have forgot’
Marley, Millie, Eva, Caitlin M and Lilly 

‘We like that it has an on off and turns off device buttons’
Ewan and Cody

‘Pick any colour of your choice. It has voice motion, clap motion and a sensor when you walk in. We would price this at £35 per 1000m’
Shay, Adam, Ciaran, William, Zara and Mollie

‘We created something called the C-Board and it is solar powered. Stay still while it scans your face. You can not run out of storage space and all school apps are added.’
Ellie T, Caleb and Brooke