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'We need lots of things to help us grow, just like plants.' Poppy

We talked about who we had around us that can help us and support us as we grow. 

'Parents and carers, teachers, staff, family and friends can all help us to grow and fly.' Brooke

'Lots of people who care about us can help us. If they care about us then they want us to grow and do our best and be happy.' Teigan

'It was so fun to be outside in the snow.' Jackson

'Lots of people like to take time to be outside, they find it good for thier mental health to go for a walk and switch off.' 

'I like being out on the farm helping as it makes me switch off and not need to think.' 

'Music helps some people keep good mental health. It can help you with lots of different emotions.' 
'The fischy concert made us all feel happy and good. We were all smiling and dancing.' Zac