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Today has been a fun filled end to our week. Everyone had a great time when participating in many different Halloween activities.

We learned a little about mummification then tried out our skills on Bob! We also made spooky pictures, creepy masks, listened to a story about a haunted house, used the spooky smartpals to complete tasks. We also helped Moaning Myrtle to sort out her Halloween costume with some problem solving as well as watching a bit of a film. 

'All our jobs today had to get picked out of the spooky envelopes.... We didn't know what would be next!' Zac

'We got to mummifiy Bob!' Ethan

'We had to get his brain through his nose!' Brooke

'I liked watching the movie.' Amy-lee 

'When we made our spooky pictures we had to use out imaginations and our creativity.' Julie-Anne 

'I did spooky smartpals with Jackson. We worked together on a maze one and we had good teamwork.' Aiden