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Primary 7 have been enjoying sharing their achievements with the class. They are glad to be back to their different groups and clubs and be doing petting in competitions again.

‘I got into the Livingston Foundation Academy. It’s a club where I will learn different skills and how to communicate on the football pitch’ Mollie

‘I am learning Russian and this is my Russian notebook’ Caitlin G

‘I competed in the Forth Valley Junior League for swimming’ Caitlin Mc

‘These are my rosette from showing and working hunters’ Zara

‘I got 2 thirds in a highland competition and I got £6 for it’ Eva

‘These are my rosettes for horse riding. I got a 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th’ Jane

‘My rosettes are from doing show jumping on my old pony and my flat work competition on my new pony’ Jodie

‘This is the ball I received for being top goalscorer with 27 goals’ Adam