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It has been a short but busy week in P5.
We have made Jubilee bunting and flags and we have also created pieces of art using the Queen's profile. The bunting was not just pretty.... It was also informative, as each flag had an interesting Jubilee related fact on it. 

'The Queen has been a Queen for 70 years!' 

'She is the only King or Queen ever to be on the throne so long.' 

'A monarch is a King or Queen.' 

'The Queen used to kelp out with engines and things during the war.' 

'The Queen Mother was the Queen' s mum. She got called the Queen Mother when the King died and Queen Elizabeth II was crowed when she was 25.'

P5 showed thier creativity during Art when they chose thier own colours, media (chalk or crayon) and also decided on thier own detail for the Queens Crown. Each picture was perfectly unique. Well done P5!

Our P2 collaboration event was great fun. P5s arranged everything from the timing of activities and group sizes, resources and activities, then quizzes and questions. Everyone involved had a great time and hopefully learnt some interesting facts. 

'Your small intestine is 5 times as long than your large intestine.'

'Humans and giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in thier necks! Both have seven vertebrae (bones), the giraffes ones are just much larger' 

'The largest organ in the body is the skin.' 

'Your lungs take in air and extract oxygen that goes into the blood and gets pumped round the body.'

You have lots more bones when you are little.... Over 300.As you grow to an adult your bones fuse together so you have 206.'

P5 are also very proud of our classmate who was placed 2nd in the Carluke and District Canine competition with his very cute dog.