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This week we have continued to look at Scotland and how to use atlases and maps. We have also been exploring grid references. 

 ‘I saw that there was a triangle that told you how high the mountain was.’   Freya
‘When doing a grid reference you go along the way first then you go up or down.’
‘That you go along the corridor and up the stairs.’  Brooke
‘I learned how to use the index for the grid reference and page number.’   Poppy
‘I found out where Shetland was.’ Jackson
‘Most maps have grid references, that makes it easier to find things.’
‘I learned that the line along the bottom of the map was horizontal.’  Kirk

We would also like to congratulate our week’s certificate learners.  There was some wonderful handwriting from both handwriting lessons and in general class work which was wonderful to see, great transference of skills!  Our reading certificate winner was encouraging others to use expression in their voices as they read and he helped them by giving examples, great work!  Our Maths & Numeracy Ninja won an award for listening carefully and finding and colouring grid references and excellent money work too.  Our Star Writer started their story with some brilliant adjectives and descriptive phrases. All of P5 are very proud of our winners this week.  Well done Zac, Teigan, Alistair, Brooke and Julie.