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What a week in P5!

First we would like to say a big well done to our certificate winners this week! Great work Curtis, Amy-lee, Ethan and Teigan laugh.

‘We have been doing some measuring outdoors.  We had to use the best tool for the job.’ Lily
‘Measuring 2 sides of a rectangle or square. So we can find the perimeter.’ Poppy
‘And we can find out the area with that too.’ Freya
‘Me and Lily checked our answers together after we had finished to see if we agreed and to make sure we had measured properly.’ Teigan
‘The trundle wheels were good for measuring the big bits, like the muga.’ Julie
‘It clicks every metre.’ Kirk

We also had the pleasure of a visit from P1.  It was nice getting to read to them.  Some P5s were demonstrating how they add expression to their voices.  Others were asking questions to see if their P1 partners were paying attention!
‘We had a fact book about birds, it was very interesting.’ Noah
‘I showed my partner my class reading book called the Boy Who Grew Dragons and I read him the blurb.  It made him laugh.’ Ethan
‘I enjoyed my story with my partner.  We read a page each and took turns.  He was really good at reading!’ Zac

Mr Johnston brought in instruments called boom whackers this week and we got to follow the notes on the screen and play a tune together.  Everyone got a turn to play them, it was great fun.  See if you can guess our tune by following this link.  VID_20220512_092757.mp4