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We have had a very busy week focussing on mental health, what that means and how we can look after our mental health. 🤯

Isla: Mental Health is when you feel sad, worried or anxious. It can effect anyone, even you!

Bag of Worries! 💼 
Along side our bag of worries song, we created a bag of things that worry us and then discussed what we can do when we are feeling worried or anxious about something.

Happy Place
On a much lighter note, we have loved learning the Saint Phoenix song, Happy Place and sharing with each other where our happy place is!

Beau: training and being with my puppy

Seryna: on the beach with my family

Aiden: being in the house with the tele on playing with my Dino toys

Brodie: camping in the summer holidays

Miss G: reading my book in my pjs with a cuppa

We are loved
We made pictures to show just how loved we are. We created a heart with us in the middle and then added lots of little hearts to represent all the people who love us and who we love in turn! 💜

We were so lucky to have the fischy music team in singing songs with us. It's been such a long time since we've been able to sing together! 🎶 

Green Fingers
We've been out in the polytunnel planting some runner beans too... watch this space!