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Today our Netball Team went to Carluke Leisure Centre to take part in the Carluke Cluster Netball Festival. All of their hard work payed off as they won all of their games, showing great team work, communication and sportsmanship. Mrs Crone is very proud of us!

“I really enjoyed it and it was a good experience getting out of school.” Zara

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere and winning!” Adam

“I liked doing the 2 minute shooting challenge and finding out we won with 36 goals.” Ellie T

“I loved the communication between the schools and how we worked as a team.” Jodie

“It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed finding out we won the shooting challenge.” Lilly

“I liked going to the netball tournament and really enjoyed the experience and had fun.” Caitlin M

“I enjoyed meeting people I am going to high school with and I’m glad we won all our games!” Eva

“I really enjoyed my time out of school to win all 6 games and cheering each other on!” Mollie