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The children had lots of learning opportunities across all areas of our nursery this week. 

In the Literacy area the children have explored nursery rhymes, using props and actions to recite a variety of rhymes.

In the STEM area the children have explored size, using mathematical language​​​​​, small, medium and large. In creative the children have explored Autumn, using clay to make leaf prints. Role play has created our own Forth cafe, developing our literacy skills.

Construction area, the children had the opportunity to use real tools, learning to be safe and using a hammer and natural golf tees to hammer into a pumpkin.

Outdoors, the children were interested in clouds and asked why it rained. We put out a measuring cylinder to catch the rain fall each day, the iPad was used to look up facts about rain clouds. The children had an opportunity to take part in an experiment to make a cloud rain, this was very popular.