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This is what the nursery children have been playing with, learning about and exploring in the following areas.

Literacy: This weeks learning has been Winter themed. We have applied our knowledge to our learning, developing our communication to explore words and making positive attempts to underwrite.

Math/Stem:We have explored forces using magnets to identify whether objects were metal or non metal. We explored the wider nursery environment and applied our learning to differentiate objects into categories. We further sorted and categorised objects, predicting and investigating different materials. 

Creative: This week we have participated in a range of winter experiences, we made white playdough to make snowmen, worked on our mark making skillswith shaving foam, icing sugar and finger painting.

Outdoors: We have learned about road safety, we roleplayed pedestrian crossing in the garden, we then applied this in real life context when exploring the local community and crossing the roads at the traffic lights.

Construction/Role play: We have learned new vocabulary associated with dinosaurs. We have been Palaleontologists digging and discovering dinosaur bones in the sand tray, matching and identifying our findings to the display board. Some children applied their prior knowledge of dinosaurs and communicated this knowledge with their friends. We used our imagination and created a variety of dinosaur words using a variety of bricks, blocks and natural resources. 

Dont forget to check your child’s learning journals for some more insights into their learning. 

Have a lovely weekend
The Nursery Team