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This is what the nursery children have been playing with, learning about and exploring in the following areas:

Literacy: We have explored the Winter Olympics that are taking place in Beijing, we have talked about different events discovering new words and we watched some of the events on the C-touch. We used our creativity to design our own winter sports uniform.

Math/STEM:  We have been developing our measurement skills, we have used metre sticks to create a long jump. We measured ourselves and created a chart to record our results. 

Creative: We have used our imagination to create some tasty treats using our new mud kitchen. We have applied our imagination, communication and problem solving skills throughout the activity.

Outdoors: We have explored different types of weather, first it was windy and we looked for things blowing. When the sun came out we discovered our shadows on the wall, we used chalk to draw around them and compared shape and size. We found out that when the sky turned dark it wasn’t long before the rain and hailstones started.

Role Play: The children have helped to re-design our home corner. We added new wooden resources including a  coffee machine to inspire the children’s imagination.

Constructon/Small world:  We have used our imagination to create a variety of structures a few examples are, boats, castles, tractors, dinosaurs and bunk beds. We used our problem solving skills to overcome obstacles during construction, supporting our friends and sharing our knowledge and skills. 

Snack: We made our own healthy smoothies, we discussed which fruits to use and where they come from. We used children’s safety knives to prepare the fruit and added them to the blender to make our smoothies, they tasted yummy!

Don’t forget to check your child’s learning journal for some more insights into their learning in nursery.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Nursery Team