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This is what the nursery children have been playing with, learning about and exploring in the following areas:

Literacy: We have explored Fairtrade vocabulary, using Makaton we have learned the signs for  chocolate, sugar, nuts and honey.

Maths/STEM: We have explored shape and numbers in innovative ways, showcasing our knowledge together.

Creative: This week we have explored a variety of ingredients at our playdough station. Using herbs and spices along with a variety of grains such as rice and pasta to develop our creativity and apply this to enhance our knowledge of ingredients and food processes.

Outdoors: We have explored mark making with a variety of different tools such as syringes, guttering and balls to enhance our creativity. We applied our knowledge of forces to explore the wind and the snow at the end of the week, using our bodies to push and pull the sledge up and down the hill.

Role Play: We takes and learned about our families, who is in our family, where our family lives. This lead in to talking about different houses/homes we have.

Construction/Small World: We have explored the farm set using their creativity and imagination through roleplay. They have discussed various animals on the farm and the products we get from them. A vote of favourite farm animals was created with findings displayed on a pictogram.

Don’t forget to check your child’s learning journals for some more insights into their learning in nursery.

Have a lovely weekend
The Nursery Team