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This is what the nursery children have been playing with, learning about and exploring in the following areas: 

Literacy: This week we have explored the story ‘I can only draw worms’. We used our imagination and created pictures exploring characters from the story and predicting what happened on their adventures. We are learning to talk about our favourite parts of the story.

Creative: This week we have been exploring our reflections discussing our facial features, then using a variety of different methods including drawing and painting to create self portraits. 

Role Play: This week in roleplay the children have been using their imaginations and pretending that they and mummies and daddies, developing their knowledge of tea making, cooking dinner and dish washing.

Construction/Small world: We have been creating structures for our animals and discussing the different shapes and sizes. The children have shown an interest in designing robots with the blocks.

Outdoors: As the weather has been improving, we have been exploring sun safety, discussing the use of sun cream and sun hats. We have developed our gross motor skills on the bikes and trikes and also our fine motor skills as we made marks with shaving foam.

Snack: We have introduced morning toast into our nursery day. All children have the opportunity to have toast and morning social time with their peers around the table.

Don’t forget to check your child’s learning journals for some more insights into their learning in nursery.

Have a lovely Weekend
The nursery Team