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This is what the nursery children have been playing with, learning about and exploring in the following areas: 

Literacy: We have explored the story of "The very hungry caterpillar". We applied our learning to sequence the story using picture cards. This lead on to learning about the days of the week, using songs to further develop our understanding of the sequence. 

Creative: We explored sand and water through seaside activities. We have investigated mermaids, making our own using collage materials and play dough to create tails for the dolls. We also looked at sea creatures in the water.

Construction/Small world: We have explored building with magnetic blocks, using our imagination to construct models.

Outdoors: We have explored the changes in weather across the week. We have looked at the clouds and discussed what the forecast might be, we have measured the rainfall over night and made kites using bags and string to explore the wind. 

Maths/STEM: We have explored 2D shapes by sorting and matching them in to corresponding groups.

Don’t forget to check your child’s learning journals for some more insights into their learning in nursery.

Have a lovely Weekend
The nursery Team