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This afternoon we discussed COP26 and what this means. We watched some videos about Climate Change, what the problem is and what we can do to help. 

We learned new terminology like "greenhouse gases", "drought" and "global warming".

We know how serious this issue is and some of us said we were a wee bit "worried" so in order to reverse climate change, we have all made a small pledge to try and save the planet. Here is what some of us said:

Walk to school- Leah

I am going to stop using plastic bags- Emma S

Help to recycle- Daryl

I want to bring my bike- Harold

I will reuse plastic bags- Aiden

I will always throw rubbish and plastic in the recycling bin- Meta

I am going to walk to school more- Zack

I am going to turn the lights off when I leave- Lewis

I pledge to turn off the lights and recycle- Archie