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This week we've been practicing our 'ph' sound in literacy and writing lots of really tricky words like 'elephant' and 'alphabet'. In numeracy we've been working on odd and even numbers using the number monsters Odd Todd and Even Steven to help us. We also learned a couple of songs to help. We've also been working on some artwork linked to our topic 'Day and Night'.

"We're learning the 'ph' sound. It's like 'f' but different"- Ethan.

"I like singing the even numbers song. 0 .. 2 .. 4 ... 6 ... 8 ... who do we appreciate? Even numbers, even numbers!" - Jackson.

"You can write any odd number up to 1000000 if you remember the pattern. It ends in a 1, 5 7, or 9"- Alex.

"If a number is even it means you can't share it out"- Lily Rh.