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'This week has been Scottish Book Week.' Jackson

'As our homework this week we got to do posters, book marks, videos and presentations about our favourite books and showed them to each other.' Ethan

'For the puppet show we made puppets. We drew them, gave them a black outline and coloured them in then cut them out to make effective puppets.' Aiden

'I worked in a group to help to write the script.' Kirk

'We had to make sure that they were okay for the little ones to understand so we kept them short and we needed to make sure our voices used expression.' Julie-Anne

'The Primary ones really enjoyed our puppet shows.  I know this because they were smiling and laughing.' Mirren
'We have been working with the P1's and showing them puppet shows that we made up from our books.' Poppy 

'The P1s showed us their favourite animals in their non-fiction books.' Curtis