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Primary 2 have had a super start to the week, working hard in all their learning.

Some highlights from our week so far have been:
🌟 Improving our ball skills in P.E, especially throwing and catching. 
🌟 Learning our new sound 'ow'. We managed to think of so many words that have that sound like cow, clown and power.
🌟 Building confidence in recognising missing numbers to 100.
🌟 Finally making pancakes today with Karen Nicol. What a treat that was! 

“I liked when I had syrup on my pancake. It was delicious!” Ethan

“I helped to make the pancake mixture. I poured in the milk.” Ruby

“I liked eating the pancakes. I had syrup on mine.” Katie

“I had butter and syrup on my pancake. The butter melted because the pancake was super hot.” Dylan