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P5 children and their teachers have had a great first week back. The effort, behaviour and enthusiasm of the children has been amazing. Here are a few of our thoughts:
"I enjoyed doing all the numeracy colouring." Anya
"I like the first week in school because you always get to do fun things." Millie
"My week was fun." Kacie
"I really enjoyed the first three days and it was really exciting to see all my friends at once." Oliver
"It was fun learning again and being in a different class." Zoey
"This week I liked the Solve then Shade work." Frankie
"When I came back to school I really liked the extension activities we can do." Kai
"I liked when we walked into the classroom for the first time to see what the teachers had done to it." Jessica
"I liked the first day when we played the True/False game to guess all about Mrs Hutchinson."
A great week has been had by all. Roll on next week!