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P5 had an amazing time at Braidwood today as part of Forest Schools. Mrs Hutchinson was very proud of how well we worked together and how well behaved we were. 
"It was really fun and I enjoyed building a den." Zoey
"I enjoyed making the flags using leaves for the patterns." Millie
"I enjoyed going on the tree swing and when we got to taste spores." Anya
"I enjoyed going on the hammock and I flipped twice." Ernestes
"I liked sitting by the fire." Callie
"I enjoyed making up the call that called us together." Connor
"I liked the hammocks and when I was pushing people, Ernestes fell off and hurt my hand!" Cerys
"The pizza that was made on the fire pit was delicious." Andrew
"I loved making and eating the spores." Kai
"I enjoyed when they made the pizza and it was delicious." Jessica

We hope that everyone else who goes to Braidwood has a fantastic time like us. We had special visits from Mrs Smith and Mrs Hutchinson's daughters and her dog! A special thanks to Susan and Elisa.