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P6 had yet another amazing day at Wiston Lodge this week. The sun shone brightly all day and everyone had a day to remember. Here are some of our thoughts...
"I was kind of sad when my welly boot fell in the pond but it was funny too." Lewis
"It was really funny when I jumped off the boys' canoe and into the water." Kayla
"Macauley dragged me right through the water and it was freezing!" Alisha
"Hayden was trying to get me into the canoe and the water level was right at my neck." Cody
"My favourite part was when Harris dragged me into the pond." Harry
"My favourite part was when I found a frog and was successfully able to pet it." Jake
"It was funny when Erin dragged me into the water and there was a frog in my welly."
"It was really funny when Mrs Padkin was chasing me to get me into the water." Louie
"It was funny when I fillled my welly with water and poured it on Lewis' head!" Harris 

As you can see, a great time was had by all! We can't wait for our final adventure next week.