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P6 have had a very busy morning. First we had a taster session of netball with Mhari, a coach from Biggar. We became very competitive! At the end we had a competition to see who could score the most goals. It went down to 2 players; Harris and Harry. It was very tense as they were equal for so long but in the end Harris just managed to score the winning shot!
After that we had our first session of Bikeabilty training with Mrs Crone. We learned:
1) the M check where we check our bikes are safe before heading off
2) the proper way to get on and off the bike
3) the 5 point safety start off
4) controlled stop 
5) emergency stop
and finally
6) the take off signal.
Mrs Crone and her assistant, Mrs Hutchinson were very impressed at how quickly everyone took to the manoeuvres. We can't wait until the next session!