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As part of our UK Parliament topic, we were tasked with making our own political parties and deciding what we would stand for. We then went through the whole campaign process which lead to the election we held on Wednesday.

Well done to E4E - our winning political party!

ADD (Mirren, Teigan, Freya, Julie-Anne, Zac)
We were doing posters for people to stop drink driving. 
We all participated in some way and made sure everyone was involved.
It was fun doing our rosettes and at least we got some votes. We are all proud!
It was amazing working together.

E4E (Georgie, Aiden, Curtis, Alistair)
Our group made a logo, slogan and 2 posters about climate change. Then Georgie made the outline for the rosettes. Alistair made the logo and Aiden andAAiden did the slogan 'Global warming is now forming'. Curtis coloured in the flags. We all made posters. One was about endangered animals andone was about deforestation. We presented our manifesto and we won the election!!

T.A.S.M (Brooke, Lily, Kirk, Amy-Lee, Poppy)
We were creative and had good team work. We made hats, rosettes and bracelets. It was about animal abuse. We put loads of effort and colour into it and even though we got no votes we still did a good job. We worked hard - A+ for effort!

T.C.S (Aaron, Shervan, Noah, Jackson, Ethan)
The day of the election was stressful. The process of designing the posters and the wall was quite stressful too. It was very fun!