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What a great first week back Primary 2 have had after their Easter break.

Today we celebrated Earth Day. This is what we got up to...

🌎 We wrote promises about how we will be kind to the Earth- Aly

🌎 We switched off the lights when doing our work to save electricity- Eva

🌎 We opened the windows to let fresh air in- Elliot

🌎 We watched a video telling us all about how we can help planet Earth- Sarah

We then read our promises to the rest of the school and nursery at assembly. Mrs Crone was so proud of us! 

We have also been learning a new sound this week which has been quite tricky because it is a split sound. 

Have a great weekend Primary 2. Miss Dunlop is really looking forward to being your teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when Mrs Crone is at Wiston Lodge with Primary 7.