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We built Viking longhouses using loose parts. It was a bit challenging because the sticks weren’t straight. We tried to build a fire, benches and a barn like real Viking longhouses had. Millie

We drew and labelled Viking longhouses. Longhouses were usually built with wood, stone and turf. Alicia.

Vikings didn’t have cozy beds like us. They slept on benches with blankets made with heather or animal fur. Callie

We wrote instructions about how to make a Viking brooch. We had to remember a title, sub-headings, bullet points and to start every sentence with an instructional verb. Jessica

We wrote the method and list of items needed to make a brooch. The Viking brooches we made look old and rusty. Oliver

We watched an assembly about the Dogs Trust. I learned to be careful around dogs. If a dog runs to you stand still, cross your arms and look away from the dog. Mirren