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Today we were learning about Viking food and drink. We discovered that they caught, gathered and grew what they ate. A quern would’ve been used to grind grain into to flour to make bread. We made our own rye bread in class, what a tasty treat! Here is what we thought of it:

The bread was really good and the crust was like tiger bread. Kai
It was really soft on the inside but the crust was hard. Oliver
The butter gave the bread even more flavour. Anya
The rye bread was really good and when I ate it I felt like a real Viking. Arran
The bread tasted really good and the outside of it was nice and crunchy. Jessica
We only put in 2 tsp of sugar but the bread tasted sweet. Callie
Our classroom smelled like biscuits that my gran takes out of the oven when they have just been baked. Andrew

Tomorrow during our writing lesson we are going to write a bread recipe.